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March 27, 2017


We recently employed Columbine for a move/storage/move. We could not say enough good things about our experience with your company. We have and will continue to express that to anyone possibly needing your services in the future.

Wanted to check to be sure that we have a zero balance on our account. Have not received additional billing from you but the company associated here in Phoenix could not be sure.

Appreciate the assistance.

Richard and Cheryl

March 3, 2017


Appreciate receiving your note. I also wanted to thank you for moving in & out & storing our furniture during the renovation of our home. Everything was professionally done, and I enjoyed working with all of you. I am a happy customer!

Many thanks, Barbara

August 31, 2016


Hello Marilyn,

Thank you for the information you just sent. I want you to know that all the moving guys, dealing with Chip and yourself have been super. Moving is a very stressful time and with all of your help, it worked out much better than expected.

Thanks again,


August 16, 2016


Chip… We cleaned the footprint up. No Problem. No claim. Your team was fantastic. Tom, Pete, and ? did a great job. What you said and what they did were exactly the same. Thank you for a great job. Coming from Chicago, this is so refreshing. On what website would it be helpful to you to post a positive review? Thanks again. Grant

March 31, 2016


Chip, I just wanted to write you a quick note about our move yesterday.  We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Columbine.  The crew of guys that came out yesterday were so good and incredibly friendly.  Sam, Abel, Raul, and Damien were awesome.  They came in and never stopped working until everything was finished. Each of them kept asking me if I needed any help with anything else about 20 times. If I ever had a business these are the guys I would want working for me. Incredibly polite and very personable. We really enjoyed having them take care of our move in what is always a very stressful day.  We would recommend Columbine to anyone we know that may need a mover and would definitely use you again if we ever need to move in the future.  Thanks again for everything. Regards, Peter

November 15, 2015


Hi, We just received a thank you card from you in relation to our move in September. I had to write & tell you how awesome that was!! I had thought about writing you several times earlier to let you know what outstanding employees you have! Honestly, your initial quote for our move was several hundred dollars higher than some competitors.  However, I kept telling my husband that everyone I worked with at your company was so professional, friendly, & responsible that I thought we should use you for our move.  I am so happy we did!! Sincerely, Kimberly

July 9, 2015


Bill, Wonderful. Thank you and Marilyn for all your help.  You run a wonderful operation customer service oriented operation. All the best, Doug

June 19, 2015


Chip, Thomas and Raul just finished loading my goods onto the truck.  I wanted to share some thoughts with you.  It was a pleasure working with them.  They were courteous, respectful, efficient, and knowledgeable.  They were the best team and based on my interactions with you and with them I will recommend your services to anyone who will listen.  So, this first part is done, however, I still need to get my possessions at the other end and hope it goes as smoothly. Many thanks, Toby

December 10, 2014


Dear Chip, I am writing to express our thanks and appreciation for the professional way in which our temporary move was handled by you and the respresentatives of the company.  In particular, the fact that you were able to assist us at quite short notice!  I would also mention that the young gentlemen who collected and redelivered were friendly, kind, and very helpful.  It is a pleasure to know, and experience, this standard of excellence in service here in the valley; we will have no hesitation in recommending your company and its services to others as and when required.  Again, my sincere appreciation for your assistance. Best wishes to you and yours for the Christmas holiday period. Kind regards, Esta

November 13, 2014


Sorry for the late response. We could not be more pleased with Columbine’s customer service.  You went above and beyond on July 4th weekend to accommodate our deadline.  The workers were professional and helpful.  It is a pleasure working with Columbine and we would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for storage or packing and moving. Keep up the good work! Ruthie

September 19, 2014


Dear Columbine Storage,

Just a note – rather belated, & apologies for that – to thank you for your good services to me in helping me to move from Snowmass to Virginia this past June.  I just received a surprise check from Allied in Fort Wayne for an over-payment amount – which triggered this note.  You all were so helpful, from Lee & Bill back there, the office Assistant, the guys who came to pack me up & the young men who delivered my belongings.  Thanks for your friendly, professional work. Blessings, Carol

Sept 11, 2014



It is a real pleasure to work with someone who really knows how to run a business. If all your employees are as good as Lee and the other members of the A Team we have  been working with, you have accomplished the impossible.  I did not think there were any workers around any more like Seth, Troy, Raul, and Ray.  Seth, the player/coach training Troy was very impressive.  They all hustled all the time. Tom

August 12, 2014


Great Job by all involved for the move of our belongings from Colorado to Texas. Everything arrived and the Allied Driver was the best and deserves a lot of praise!! Kudos to you and Allied for a job well done! Josie

February 2014


Thank you so much for your card! It brightened up my day. Your company is wonderful and really helped us out of a snit. All the best, Zisi

January 2014


Hi Chip, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the moving services of Columbine Moving & Storage!  Rob, Raul?, and Ryan were nice, respectful, helpful, and quick. I don’t think I would move any other way after the great experience I had with a professional moving company. Thank you so much! Candace

January 2014


Your crew was nice, hardworking & on time.  We have used you many times moving around this valley for 30 years & will need you again sometime this year.  Thanks for a great job as usual. Thanks, Susan

December 2013


Dear Marilyn & Bill, I’ve been meaning to write and express our appreciation for the recent move.  Everything went just as planned, and we are very pleased.  Certainly I will fill out the questionnaire. Happy Holidays, Paula

December 2013


Very good experience. Good follow up from finish to end.  On time for estimate, and quick estimate sent afterwards. Thank you. Cathy

December 2013


Hi Lee, The move went very well and easy. The guys were nice and didn’t waste any time.  Thanks for all your help over the years and feel free to use us as a reference.  Your guys were always flexible and accommodated all our changes. Thanks, Mike

December 2013


All good, quick responses to all questions and calls as well. Chuck

November 2013


The crew was friendly, nice, very careful of my things, strong, efficient, and thoughtful in their job. Horace

November 2013


Thanks so much Marilyn!  Y’all have been so helpful.  Will be happy to do business with you again. Vanessa

October 2013


Thanks much Bill,Everything went perfectYou and your company are 100% professionalfeel free to use me as a reference in the future. Best Regards, Gary

October 2013


Thank you very much for your service.  I highly recommend you to my friends. Marilyn

October 2013


Hi Marilyn, This looks great!Wow, thank you for such an exemplary account and of course the coordination of the AMAZING JOB Columbine did.This will be a great web-site post along with your wonderful photos.Thanks again Marilyn. Warmest personal regards, Karmen

September 2013


Marilyn..Yesterday was really special…thanks so much for the pictures….they turned out great!As I told all of your people yesterday, Bill on the phone and later Karmen… your staff were incredible!  It was impressive to see how well they worked together with each other and the men with the heavy machinery to work out all the difficulties and unexpected events of the job.  And while all moves are important, they all seemed to understand how much this one meant to us.  The care they took in all aspects was wonderful.  Please give them my personal thanks, again, for all that was done yesterday. Diane

September 2013


Thanks Marilyn.  I appreciate the successful move and the months of safe storage for my goods.  I would recommend Columbine’s services any time. Flynt

February 2013


Thanks for always being great! Megan, DeWitt Companies Ltd. LLC/Royal Hawaiian Movers, Inc.

February 2013


To Lee Hodgson: I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with the results of your move of my “stuff” to my new home. The men who came were prompt, courteous, competent, & very helpful. They did an excellent job of wrapping & packing everything, and the only thing I’ve found broken was a china burro with a broken leg, and I’m sorry to say that I was the person who packed him. I still have to unpack the contents of my china hutch, but judging from the care your men took in packing everything else, I don’t expect to find damage to any of the china hutch contents. The day of delivery was very hectic, but the men did a fine job & even went “above and beyond the call of duty” when we found the pump for my air mattress had quit working. I had another pump in good condition, but it was packed in one of the multitudes of boxes in my garage. All of your men went to work to find that box & by the trial of elimation, found the pump in the 2nd box they opened. I enjoyed working with your crew & wanted to let you know how pleased I was with their performance. Thank you, Frances

December 2012


Marilyn, My experience was good & you made it very easy for me to furnish my home and office. Thank you. Happy Holidays, Budge

August 2012


Hi all of you! Thank you mucho for great advice – Bill – and hand-holding Lee – and for cheerful help – Barb and Marilyn – complexion – Jason. Such Great Service! We Sooooo appreciate! Tom & Scottie

May 2011


Just wanted to give you guys some feedback – The move went beautifully thanks to you all. Lee’s estimate was methodical, I was made aware of every step, and kept abreast of every stage of the process. Everyone was calm and organized. The workers that loaded and unloaded on both ends were incredibly helpful and offered to help in any way that I needed. The delivery of my goods was later than I thought it would be, but that actually worked out to be a good thing – I needed the time to organize the staging area here. The good news was that it was a bit cheaper than I thought it would be too. The driver forgot to unload my boxspring but will be here on Monday to bring it to me. Thanks again for everything. Patti

January 2011


Hi Marilyn – I just added something to Google Review (hopefully I did it right) – It’s been great working with all of you – you’re so flexible to our needs and schedule! Julie

Julie, Yes, I see your review. Thank you so much for doing that for us. We appreciate the review and will continue to help you in any way we can with moving & storage. Marilyn Ortmann

December 2008


Bill, Your young men were terrific and made our move-in a real enjoyable experience for all. The second day Seth called me when he was going to be just a few minutes late – never heard of such a thing! Many thanks for your attention and the Picture Hanger was great too. The one piece (metal cabinet) coming via White Glove from Mecox Gardens will arrive to your warehouse probably the first of next week. Seth knows where it is going in the house. You can contact the house manager to gain access to the house whenever it is best for you and her to meet. Lawrie

November 2008


Dear Seth, Paul, Travis, Sammy, Alex, & Galileo,You guys are so amazing!! Thank you so much for making our move go so smoothly. It was a pleasure working with you all and I hope we see you around! Cheers, Patti & George

February 2008


Dear Bill & Marilyn, Thank you!! The refund check arrived today … and much needed!! I guess we all learned something with this adventure — I should have followed up sooner– but, because both Lee & our mover Fred told me the same thing (of how quick Allied makes r hos, no problems) I just waited… Yeh, and waited .. and waited!!Thanks for getting me my refund. And, I gather you know that I never had any issue with you or your people (or Fred & his wife). The issue was with the “Big Company” — The Big Bureaucracy “They”!! You guys did a fine job moving us — 1st from Eagle-Vail → Grand Junction, then getting us all squared away for “Part II” up here to Spring Creek. You have a fine staff — Please say hi to Lee & thank him for us. Thanks, Bonnie

August 2008


Hi Marilyn & Bill,Thank you for your note. I will say my dealings with Columbine Moving and Storage in Aspen were always pleasant and your crew is very professional. You guys do a great job. However, several of my articles were damaged in transit and I am waiting to hear from Allied about my claim. Thanks for checking in. I will let you know if I need any Assistance with Allied. Eric

Dear Eric, I am sorry there was damage. If you do not hear from Allied in a timely manner concerning your claim, please contact Bill or myself. Marilyn Ortmann

June 2006


Our move was very smooth and the “guys” were polite, patient, and great to work with. Thanks a million for fitting us in on short notice and for doing a great job. Best, Cindy